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1. High-performance Wood Chipper: This shredder has high efficiency performance with drum cutting system and double-edged cutting reversible cutting blades, large extended chip flutes are designed to support chip diameters up to 12 inches, and only takes a few minutes to pass through the 360° swivel flutes allow for heavy chipping and shredding of twig debris with ease.

2. Powerful Function: 420cc engine with heavy-duty centrifugal clutch, 13HP/15HP four strokes with EPA & CARB certify, provides powerful power for fast, heavy-duty and worry-free chopping and shredding. The shredder chute effectively handles bushes, leaves, or other yard debris up to Dia. 1/2" or smaller, plus the rear clean-out port allows a 12" wood width to easily clear any clogs.

3. Excellent Parameters: Chipping speed up to 212 cuft/hour; chipping wood Dia. 4.7"; Max. roller 2000 rpm; Permitted wood width 12".

4. Worth Trying: The compact and lightweight overall structure design makes your operation easier. The wood chipper can be placed on the farm, garage, yard or shed, and only takes up a small part of the storage space.

5. Simple and convenient assembly: You can easily and simply assemble it according to the instructions, and you can contact us at any time if you have any questions. The wood hopper is hinged to allow easy access to the blades. And It is equipped with ATV or UTV traction, CE approval from TUV sud.

13HP / 15HP Wood Chippper Shredder 420cc Gas Powered Recoil Start Engine


1. 420cc engine, equipped with heavy-duty centrifugal clutch, easy to start.

2. Double-edged reversible cutting blades with traditional roller cutting for easy sweeping of debris.

3. Chip flute tube rotates 180 degrees to accommodate truck loading heights.

4. Small footprint, easy to store, can be placed in garages, warehouses, open yards, and can be dragged by hand.

5. CE approval from TUV sud.

6. Safety performance is guaranteed, equipped with emergency braking system.

7. Recoil Start with 13HP / 15HP four strokes.

8. Chipper Capacity 141 cuft/hr  to 212 cuft/hr

9. Painted with anti-rust and corrosion-resistant paint,electrostatic spray


Working together with the double-edged cutting reversible cutting blades and powerful air channels, as you pull the branches into the chipping hopper, the chips are automatically blown out of the discharge. Usually the material will be supplied automatically, once you drop a branch sawdust, you can continue to pick up the next one, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Our knives are made from high carbon / high chrome forged alloy tool steel and have longer blades than normal. But as with any cutting tool, maintaining a sharp edge is important to maintaining peak performance. We recommend that you have some on hand so you can minimize downtime.


Kind Tips:

1. The engine is designed to ensure the safety of the operator. Always operate the machine according to the instructions in the owner's manual and always wear proper hand and eye protection. There is a dedicated customer support team behind our chippers, feel free to contact our customer service staff if you have any questions about using the machine. So you can prune your tree with ease, knowing we're always here for you.

2. DR-GS-15H wood chipper is a self-feeding wood chipper with gas power, powered by B&S engine, it can easily grind wood chips up to 12.2 inches in diameter and Twigs with a maximum output speed of 2000RPM. Comes standard with recoil start and weights only 452 lbs. Making it ideal for outdoor, farm, yard, and other forestry operations.

 Worry-free after-sales and Part Warranty:

During thewarranty period of the wood chipper you purchased, if there is any problem withyour machine or its own accessories, please contact us in time, we will solvethe problem for you and replace it for you free of charge Component. If youneed to order additional accessories, we will also provide you with the path topurchase.

Details 1: Oil Tank

Details 2: Engine

Details 3: Cable

Details 4: Kevlar Belt

Details 5: Rubber wheel

Details 6: Holder

Details 7: Tow Hitch Safety Chain

Details 8

Operation Starting

1. Position your Wood Chipper on flat, dry ground, and then stop the front wheel withbrake, make sure the machine cannot be moved. Make sure the fuelshut-off yalye is in the "On" position. Move the choke control lever to the "CHOkE" position (should only be needed if the engine is cold).

2. Move the throttle control lever to the "FAST" position. Recoil Start: Turn the lgnition Switeh to the "On" position. Grasp the recoil starterhandle and slowly pull until you feel resistance. Let the cord retract a little bit then pullthe cord rapidly to start the engine. One or two pulls usually starts the engine.



1. More than 15 years of Boltontools machinery manufacturing experience.

2. All products have been professionally tested by German engineers.

3. All products have passed the TUV safety test and obtained relevant certificates

4. All products are designed by us originally, and have obtained European and North American patents

NOTE: Add engine oil. A new engine is shipped without oil. You must add the correct amount of oil to engine crankcase or engine will be damaged beyond repair.

Model DR-GS-15H
Engine 13HP/15HP 4-strokes 420cc
Start Type Recoil Start
Recommend Oil SAE 10W-30 Gasoline
Chipper Capacity 141 cuft/hr to 212 cuft/hr (4CBM/hr to 6CBM/hr)
Chipping Wood Diameter 4.7" (120mm)
Permitted Wood Width 12.2" (310mm)
Feeding Type Gravity feeding
Chipper Blade Twin reversible blades
Tire 6.5-8, 4.0-8, 4.8-8
Max. Roller RPM 2000
Overall Height 59" (1500mm)
Overall Length 104" (2650mm)
Overall Width 31.5" (800mm)
Weight 452lbs (205kg)
Certification EPA & CARB

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Bolton Tools 4.7" Wood Chipper Shredder 15HP 420cc EPA CARB Gas Engine Multirole Wood Crusher

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