Casters & Wheels

Casters and wheels are used on equipment such as furniture, machinery, or carts to allow the equipment to roll when it needs to be moved or repositioned. Casters each have a wheel that is mounted on an axle and connected to a plate, stem, or other mounting assembly that attaches to the equipment. Wheels have a hole in the center and mount onto the axles or spindles of casters, wheelbarrows, and other material-handling equipment.

4" Rigid Plate Caster700lb Capacity

$4.37 $11.31

In stock
5" Rigid Plate Caster 880lb Capacity

$12.09 $15.64

In stock
4" Rigid Plate Caster 790lb Capacity

$8.64 $11.18

In stock
6" Rigid Plate Caster 1200lb Capacity

$22.84 $29.52

In stock
5" Swivel Plate Caster 660lb Capacity

$10.30 $12.58

In stock
6" Rigid Plate Caster 990lb Capacity

$11.66 $15.09

In stock
8" Swivel Plate Caster 680lb Capacity

$24.06 $31.13

In stock
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