Open Cell Foam Planer Saw

Operation way:
1. Use your both hands and firmly grips boths handles of the power and the cutter head.
2. start by completely trimmings the bottom two feet of the wall so you can avoid running the cutter bar through a pile of trimmings,and possibly cutting a hidden power cordmor hitting other obstacles.
3. do not runn the cutter over the edges of the steel hangers or braces.
as the power and speed needed to cut foam quicly may cause the ridged edges ot tear off the cutter teeth.
4. To use the cutter eaiser and clener,run it up the wall with the cutter turnung and taking a light cut.
5.Use the small ,drill powered cutter to trim around receptacles,hangers and other tight places.

Open Cell Foam Cutter Machine

The wall after the polyurethane coating is not clean, this tool can make the wall clean and tidy.

Trim corners quickly and easily. 

By running the head directly on the stud, it also uses its swivel head to feed itself into the wall.

This can minimize the amount of work required to operate the trimmer if used properly.

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700mm Width Open Cell Foam Planer Insulation Trimming Equipment 110V

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