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1. 15-needle Single-head Embroidery Machine: 1-12 needles are suitable for soft fabrics, 13-15 needles are suitable for hard fabrics, more professional than small embroidery machines, More work efficient than similar commercial embroidery machines.

2. Embroidery Area: 13" x 19.7"(330 x500mm) , Max 1000 needles/min, delicate without broken lines at high speed, 270-Degree Cap Rotation, Use 110V -220V 50/60Hz power supply.

3. High-definition Color 10" LCD Touch Screen Control: Powerful, and can freely switch the patterns you want according to your needs, the screen allows you to preview your design in advance. Supports more than 14 multi-languages, supports automatic thread trimming and color changing.

4. Supports Multiple Input Modes: The Maximum memory can save up to 800 patterns. Support USB interface WiFi and Bluetooth.

5. Widely Applicable: Widely used in household, industry, and commercial channels. Suitable for all kinds of clothing, T-shirt, hats and other knitting products. The design of the bottom casters is free and flexible. Easy to assemble and disassemble. You can choose according to the type of embroidery to change the machine structure.

Single Head Computerized Embroidery Machine 15 Needles


1. Free choice of 1-15 needles, double rows of needles, high efficiency at the same time.

2.  Electirc control systm : DAHAO A15, 10-inch high-definition color LED touch screen, full screen supports design track preview.

3. The host computer is designed with multiple functions, and the system supports 14 languages including Chinese, English, Turkish, and Spanish.

4. Freely switch between WiFi wireless network and 3 USB ports.

5. Support automatic start and 200 color changes.

6. DC 36V power switch, stable and reliable.

7. Recognize various format like DST,DSB & MORE .

8. After replacing the cap frame, the cap frame will automatically rotate 180 degrees.

9. Adjustable speed -Max speed 1000RPM.

10. Pre-time design trace capable.

11. Pinhole precision machine workmanship is exquisite, high-quality materials will never rust.

12. Automatic winding device.

13. Rotary hook:Japanese rotary hook

14. Efficient and fast switching between finished garment frame and hat frame.

15. 110V-220V adapted to all eletriccity enviroment.

16. Restarting the machine after a power failure will automatically restore the embroidery function, so there is no need to worry about needle and thread misalignment.

17. Laser positioning function.Freely slide according to the focus of the laser red dot needle position.

18. The bracket has movable casters, which can be rotated 360 degrees and can be easily pushed by a single person.

19. Easily assemble and disassemble the bracket panel to meet your needs for embroidery of different products.

Technical Specifications

1. 10 inch touch screen computer

2. Maximum number of patterns saved in memory: 800

3. Memory capacity: 100 million stitches

4. Screen resolution ratio: 1280*8003

5. Network port speed:100Mbps

6. Supported method for data 7.Exchange: USB disk, netwofk5.

8. Control precision: Minimum controllable stitch intervalis 0.6.

9. Stitch range:0.1mm~12.7mm

10. System supports Chinese, English, Turkish, Spanish, and so on Total 14 kinds languages

Touch screen

It adopts high-brightness liquid crystal display and touch screen.

Three buttons make perations more efficient.

Needle Wire Rack

1. RLASTIC TUBE Keep the thread walk well to Avoid windy and shaking.

2. Connect each interface in an orderly manner without knotting

3. High quality material

4. Never rust material

5. Auto thread trimmer and auto color change.

6. The number of needles canbe increased as required.

Laser Positioning Function

Lines are neatly arranged.

Precision needle.

Laser Red Dot Pin Focus.

Universal Steering Wheel

360-degree rotation

With foot wheels on machine body,easy for moving ushed by one person.

USB Ports

Freely switch between WiFi wireless network and 3 USB ports.

Computer Motherboard

Computer host multi-functional design.

Electricity: 110V-220V/60Hz 

Adjustable Light

You can  turn the LCD brightness adjusting dial to increase/decrease brightness.

Accurate Scale

Optionalwork area.
Embroidery Area:
13" x 19.7" (330 x 500mm)

Stable and Sturdy Stand

Heavy Duty steel stand with heavy wheels to ensure stability & mobility.

Easily remove and replace panels by flipping this position


The spool pins in the front row are for sewing, and the second-row spool pins are for the standby spools. 

Home-use & Commercial 15Needles Single head Embroidery Machine

1. This embroidery machine is suitable for most styles, and you can use it according to your needs. It not only combines the lightness of other models with 360-degree movable casters, one person can easily change its placement, and adds height Efficiency The advantage of double-head machines operating at the same time greatly improves production efficiency and saves you precious time.

2. We recommend 1-12 needles for softer fabrics, and 13-15 needles for harder fabrics. 12 /15 needles option Max speed 1200 RPM Automatic color change,auto cutter,thread break detection.You can choose freely according to your needs. Trust me once you use it After using it, you will fall in love with this embroidery machine.


Press the button to start embroidery, pause embroidery, green means normal operation, red means off.

Main Accessories & Optional Device

  • Main Accessories:Finished garment frame,Cap frame,Aluminum frame,Bobbin winder device,Easy broken parts,Tool etc.
  • Optional Device:Cording device, Sequin device, Beads device, Thermal cutting device, Eyelet device, Robot frame device(shoes device), Socks device,et.

Packing Accessories 1.

Packing Accessories 2.

Packing Accessories 3.

Multifunction Computerized Embroidery Machine&Suitable for embroidery on flat, caps, finished garments, shoes, belts, bags etc.

Embroidery Products Display &Exquisite Craftsmanship & START YOUR FIRST BUSINESS ORDER & WORTH TO TRY

Note: Worry-free aftermarket with parts warranty, During the warranty period of your purchase of this single head embroidery machine, if you have any questions or malfunctions about the parts, we will replace them for you for free, so that you can use them more at ease. If you need to order additional parts, we will also provide you with the means to purchase them.

Model: CTF1501
Features: Finished garment, cap,flat embroidery, rmore applications
Number of head(needle): One Head 15Needles
Embroidery Area: 13" x 19.7"(330 x500mm)
Computer: DAHAO A15, 10 inch Touch Screen(10" Lcd Display)
Max Speed: 1000 stitches per minute
Main Motor: Servo motor
Rotary Hook: Japanese rotary hook
Power Supply: 110V-220V, 50/60Hz, 200W
Operate Manual language: Chinese. English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Russian French, Portuguese. Thai, Dutch, German, ltalian, Polish etc
Main Accessories: Finished garment frame, cap frame, Aluminum frame, bobbin winder device, easy broken parts, tool etc
Optional Device: Cording device, Sequin device, Beads device, Thermal cutting device, Eyelet device, Robot frame device(shoes device), Socks device,et
Cap System 270-Degress wide angle
Net weight: 330.6lbs (150kg )
Package weight: 407.8lbs (185kg)

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Bolton Tools Commercial Embroidery Machine with 15 Needles 13" x 20" LCD Embroiderer Pattern for Cap Hat T-Shirt Laser Positioning 1501

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