Safety matting adds a protective layer to flooring to reduce the risk of slips and falls, maintain cleanliness, safeguard underlying surfaces, and provide cushioning. Antifatigue mats reduce back and leg strain for workers who spend long periods of time on their feet. Chair and floor mats prevent damage to carpeting and other flooring. Cleanroom tacky mats and bases have a sticky surface that pulls dust and other contaminants from shoes and rolling equipment. Drainage mats collect water to keep it from being tracked through a building. ESD mats dissipate static charges to help safeguard electronics and other sensitive equipment. Interlocking mats and edging create custom-sized matting.

Vinyl Loop Mat 2 ft x 3 ft Khaki

$6.99 $46.99

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Vinyl Loop Mat  2 ft x 3 ft Black


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Vinyl Loop Mat  2 ft x 3 ft Grey


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