Eye Wash & Shower Equipment

Emergency eye-wash and shower equipment rinses contaminants from the eyes and body to help prevent injuries or permanent damage. Emergency eye washes and showers are used in labs, chemical plants, paper mills, and other environments with potentially harmful chemicals or materials. Combination eye-wash stations are all-in-one eye wash and shower units. Drench hoses serve as fixed eye-rinse stations or can be removed from their holder for directing the spray where needed. Emergency eye-wash stations include units that connect to plumbing lines, self-contained units with a built-in wash tank, and personal eye-wash stations and bottles. Drench showers mount to a ceiling, wall, or floor to provide an emergency shower.

Portable Eyewash Station 8 Gallon


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Emergency Eyewash Station Pedestal Mounted

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Heat Traced Eyewash Station


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Emergency Drench Shower


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Heat Traced Eye Wash Shower Station


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Emergency Drench Shower Horizontally Mounted

$50.00 $180.00

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Portable Eyewash Station 16 Gallon


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