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All Electric Injection Molding Machine 190T  For Energy Saving with hopper dryer and T slot 

Date of delivery: 50 DAYS ( including 20 days Transit  Time)

High rigid toggle structure with 5 pins an self-lock, fast respond speed, lead to smooth open/close, structure self-lock after high-pressure clamping, lengthen the service life of clamping ball screw and mold.


Zero-resistance clamping injection guider structure, heavy loaded guider device supported by linear track, better wear resistance, low friction and more smooth operation. Optimize mold structure, tie bar no touch with moving platen, no lubrication. The system has high rigidity and strength, guarantee the accuracy of platen parallel excellently.


T-slot&screw fixation platen embedded mold locating ring design, high-standard clamping system reduces mold loss and makes more easy mold installation.


Fast and smooth mold movement, high torque, less resistance. Clamping servo motor connects ball screw, flexible operation and simply maintenance. High- quality belt, warranty 10years; superior rotating wheal, low inertia.


Top responsibility servo motor and high torque ball screw is key element, origin Japan technology to keep advantage leading in the word, precise for mold movement.

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All Electric Injection Molding Machine 190T

  • Model #: E64MJ035
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • WARRANTY: 90-Days
  • $162,523.00

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