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1. Dual column band saw the motor power is 4/5.3 HP.
2. Dual column band saw max. cutting rang (inch) is 15 3/4" x 15 3/4".
3. Dual column band saw feeding speed adjustment is Hydraulic Variable Speed.
4. Dual column band saw voltage is 440v 3 phase.
5. Cutting speed ( foot/min.) is 11994 foot/min

Why We Founded BOLTONTOOL?

  • As a well-known e-commerce platform and brand in the field of multifarious industrial equipment in the United States, Bolton Tools has been committed to providing high-quality machinery to more than 30,000 customers since its establishment more than 20 years, for instance, metal processing machinery, material handing and storage machinery, automotive equipment, and spare parts. 

  • Bolton Tools' customers are not only from small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, but also scientific research institutions, universities and technical schools in the United States.

Why choose BOLTON TOOLS?

  • Premium Tough Quality
  • prices at a good value
  • fast and safe delivery
  • Reliable warranty period
  • Complete after-sales system
  • Spend less money and buy better tools and equipment

GK4240-440 Hydraulic double column metal cutting band saw is a widely used in the family, factories, construction site. Double column structure makes the machine much more reliable and stable, which will help improve the efficiency of your work. This band saw is safe and easy to operate, it with longer service life,  so it is widely used in Europe, the United States, Russia and Southeast Asia.

Max. Cutting Rang 15 3/4" x 15 3/4"
Feeding Speed Adjustment Hydraulic Variable Speed
Main Motor Power 4/5.3 HP
Hydraulic Pump Power 1 HP
Type of Main Transmission Worm Bar
Net Weight 3088 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 106" x 53" x 85"
Cutting Speed 11994 ft/min
Blade Size 196-27/32" x 1-39/64" x 3/64"
Voltage 440V, 3 phase
Coolant Pump Power 1.2 HP
Machine Layout 98-25/64" X 49-59/64" X 74-49/64"
Gross Weight 3418 lbs

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Bolton Tools 15 3/4" Dual Column Band Saw GK4240-440

  • Model #: UUPARK1F
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  • WARRANTY: 90-Days
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