Heating & Cooling Equipment

We offer a broad selection of heating and cooling equipment for laboratory, research, process, and industrial applications. Lab ovens, heating, and refrigeration equipment help ensure proper temperature control for samples and testing. Laboratory ovens and furnaces help provide controlled heat for drying, baking, sterilizing, heat-treating, evaporating, annealing, and testing. Incubators provide an environment with constant temperature for growing plants and cultures in biology environments. The heating mantles can provide an experimental environment for heating while working.

2L 1200℃ 1500W Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace

$1,328.90 $1,476.61

In stock
WTVO series 7.4cf Vacuum Oven With 6 Shelves

$5,699.00 $6,099.00

Out of stock
8L Table Top Pressure Steam Sterilizer

$549.00 $1,129.00

Out of stock
18L Table Top Steam Sterilizer Autoclave

$860.00 $999.00

Out of stock
Vacuum Oven With 4 Shelves 3.2cf


Out of stock
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