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  1. The max. turning diameter of lathe bed 11", Distance between centers 28", The max. turning diameter of tool post 7 1/16"
  2. Lathe spindle taper: MT5 D1-4, the spindle is equipped with a speed indicator, forward and reverse switches; Mill spindle R8
  3. Spindle speed range: adjustable speed 50 - 2000 RPM; Both horizontal and vertical axes have automatic feed function.
  4. Lathe motor 1.1KW , Milling brushless motor 1.1KW, two-speed switching speed regulation, lifting digital display table.
  5. Power supply: single phase 110V 60Hz
  6. Bed width:7 3/16", Easy to instal, no problems such as unstable center of gravity, etc., sufficient support and protection in place.


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11" x 28" High Precision Variable Speed Combo Lathe / Mill / Drill | BP290VF


  • A. Most popular, widely useful variable speed lathe.
  • B. V-way bed is hardened and precision ground.
  • C. Spindle is supported by precision tapered roller bearing.
  • D. MT4 spindle hole gets more capacity.
  • E. High precision chuck.
  • F. T-slotted cross slide.
  • G. Power longitudinal feed allows threading.
  • H. Adjustable gids for slidedways.
  • I. Top design of gearbox gets more function.
  • J. Right and left hand threads cutting is available.
  • K. Tailstock can be off set for turning tapers.
  • L. Gear mill head gets more torque.
  • M. Mill head can be tilled ±90°.
  • N. Tolerance test certificate, test chart included.


  • 1. Distance between centers: 28".
  • 2. Swing over bed: 11".
  • 3. Swing over cross slide: 7-1/16".
  • 4. Width of bed: 7-3/16"
  • 5. Taper of spindle bore: MT5 D1-4
  • 6. Spindle bore: 1-1/2".
  • 7. Number of spindle speed: variable.
  • 8. Range of spindle speeds: 50-2000rpm.
  • 9. Range of longitudinal feeds: 0.0025 ~ 0.012 in/r
  • 10. Range of inch threads: 8 - 56 T.P.I.
  • 11. Range of metric threads: 0.4 - 3.5mm.
  • 12. Maximum Tailstock Spindle Travel: 3.15".
  • 13. Maximum Cross Slide Travel: 5 1/2".
  • 14. Lathe motor: 1.5HP.
  • 15. Tailstock Taper: MT3


  • 1. Taper of spindle : R8.
  • 2. Drilling capacity: 1"
  • 3. Spindle speeds: 50 - 3000rpm.
  • 4. Max. distance spindle to table: 11 1/64".
  • 5. Max. distance spindle to column: 6 11/16".
  • 6. Mill brushless motor: 1.5 HP.
  • 7. Spindle travel: 2"
  • Packing size: 56" x 28" x 27".
  • Net weight: 505LBS.

Provide power cross & longitudinal feed.
Cross slide with T-slot .

Precision manual fine down feed 

Precision dial

Lathe Bed

Heavy and stable bed with 7.1" width (180mm).

Guideway induction hardened and precision ground.

Variable Speed Combo Lathe / Mill / Drill

BP290VF with steady frame, follower rest, faceplate, 28 spindle taper keyless drill chuck, metal tool box and tools ecc.

Distance Between Centers 28"
Swing Over Bed 11"
Swing Over Cross Slide 7-1/6"
Width of Bed 7-3/16"
Taper of spindle bore MT5 D1-4
Spindle Bore 1 1/2"
Number of Spindle Speed Variable
Range of Spindle Speeds 50 to 2000 Rpm.
Range of Longitudinal Feeds 0.0025 ~ 0.012 in/r
Range of Inch Threads 8-56TPI
Range of Metric Threads 0.4-3.5mm
Max Tailstock Spindle Travel 3.15"
Max Cross Slide Travel 5 1/2"
Lathe Motor 1.5 HP
Tailstock Taper MT3
Packing SIize 56" x 28" x 27"
Net Weight 505lbs
Mill Spindle R8

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Bolton Tools Industrial Combo Lathe 11" x 28" High Precision Variable Speed Lathe Mill drills BP290VF

  • Model #: 47UYTMDI
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  • WARRANTY: 90-Days
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  • Now: $3,799.00

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