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1. The rubber bag is different, Ours is of high quality and exclusive.

2. Have a internal telescopic stabilizer providing lateral and vertical stability.

3. A safety valve prevents from overinflation.

4. We carry out 100% inspection.

5. Are the preferred choice of tire shops and body shops.

The TRENLIBOW jack uses high quality rubber bellows with an internal telescopic guide, incorporating a top limit stop and over pressure safety valve. It is very simple to use with a switch for the raise and lower operation. The air supply can be removed and the jack will stay in the upright position until lowering is required.

Lightweight TRENLIBOW balloon jacks are the preferred choice of normal domestic garage, tire shops and body shops as they can be easily placed on lifts or used on ground. Moreover, these jacks lift extremely fast ensuring quick wheel changes. When not in use the unit can be stored in an upright position.



The thicker rubber bag (8mm) and advanced inner structure of TRENLIBOW pneumatic  balloon  jacks.

Our rubber balloon can auto return to the lowest position when the jack down, do not need vacuumizing.



Every ‘TRENLIBOW’ rubber bag, we make goes through a comprehensive testing. The qualification rate of our products is 100%,  above is one of our test equipment.

Capacity 4410 lb ( 2000kg )
Lightweight design  35.27 lb
Minimum height 3.45 in
Maximum lifting height 9.6 in
Overall width:  7.5 in
Overall Length  31.5 in
Lifting Time  3 seconds
Operating Pressure  145 Psi

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2T Pneumatic Balloon Lift Car Air Jack Double Bags with Handle

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