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1.2500 kg lifting capacity - for vehicles up to approximately 3200 kg.

2.Works entirely pneumatically, using two heavy-duty bellows.

3.Can lift the front, back or side of a vehicle.

4.The excess-pressure valve prevents damage due to an overload.

5.CE certified to comply with current regulations, including:
EN 12100:2010 Safety of Machinery + EN 1494:2000+A1: 2008 Mobile or Movable Jacks

Mobile minilift suitable for use on commercial vehicles, vans, cars, sports cars, luxury cars, vintage vehicles and so on.
The TRENLIBOW is very suitable for mobile use with its weight of only 110 kg. Its robust workmanship ensures safe operation.

Increased productivity - very manoeuvrable and easy to transport

Easy to transport and manoeuvrable, pneumatic minilift able to lift up to 2500 kg. The lift can be used to safely jack vehicles up at the front, back or side.

The jacking arms and pads can be adjusted to the dimensions of the vehicle which means you can work on any vehicle at up to a height of 1.55 metres. No matter where you use it in the workshop or garage, the spray booth or outside, the mini lift's flexibility will increase your productivity.

Mobile minilift - Ideal for commercial use

This mobile mini lift has been designed for professional use. With its robust construction, can cope with a few knocks. The jack has a long service life due to quality checks during production, top technical specifications and the use of the best materials.

The TRENLIBOW mobile minilift



Specifications - Compact and space-saving


  • 2500 kg lifting capacity - for vehicles up to approximately 3200 kg
  • Professional version with solid steel scissor-action arms
  • Works entirely pneumatically, using two heavy-duty bellows
  • Can lift the front, back or side of a vehicle
  • Broad base of 63 cm for optimum stability
  • The jack can be moved, manoeuvred, raised and dropped using the handle
  • The handle folds, does not get in the way and can be extended or collapsed completely
  • Robust hand grip and all-in-one control unit at the end of the handle
  • The hand grip also houses the quick connection for the air hose
  • Long-reach with a total length of 220 cm
  • Jacking point minimum height only 14 cm - easy to fit under a vehicle!
  • Two solid steel, rubber-faced jacking pads
  • The jacking pads can be adjusted in height and width to suit any vehicle
  • Comes with an additional round rubber pad for lifting vehicles at the side
  • Comfortable working height of up to 155 cm
  • Quick lift feature if you require maximum height in a matter of seconds
  • Easy positioning of jack below the car when fully collapsed
  • The mobile minilift is galvanized and finished in quality coating



Safety valve for overload
The excess-pressure valve prevents damage due to an overload.

If the control handle is released, the mini lift turns off automatically. This dead-mans handle is an added safety feature.

Optimum stability
The scissor action of the rising arms releases the castor wheels of the floor and the position of the jack is ensured by four large solid steel wheels. 

Solid position at all heights
A one-way valve guarantees a fixed position under load at any height.

Fail safe
In case of failure of the air supply, the jack drops a maximum of 10 cm.

Smooth retarded lowering
A reduction valve ensures uniformly retarded lowering also with heavy load

End cap
An air end cap is fitted to the control unit. This turns off the control unit.

Includes axle stands
Two height adjustable axle stands can be linked under the jacking pads.

Factory tested to loading of 150%
During CE certification the construction of the TSC2500 mobile minilift was successfully tested to 150% / 3750 kg.

Quality Center
The Quality Center carries out stringent quality control checks on the jack during every stage of the manufacturing process.

CE certified to comply with current regulations, including:
EN 12100:2010 Safety of Machinery + EN 1494:2000+A1: 2008 Mobile or Movable Jacks and associated lifting equipment


Final testing
Every mobile mini lift is fully tested under load at the factory before being packed along with its documentation.

The factory guarantee
The mobile minilift is supplied with a one-year guarantee.
We will be pleased to assist you with technical support and information even after the warranty period has expired. 

Can lift the front up to 1.55 metres.

Can lift the back up to 1.65 metres.

CE certified to comply with current regulations.

Arms adjustable in width.

Pads adjustable in height.

Axle stands can be linked.

Comes with 2 x 2000 kg axle stands.

Hand grip and all-in-one control unit, an air end cap + air quick connection.

Movable castors of floor at the TRENLIBOW mobile minilift.


Lifting capacity mobile minilift

5512 lb

Maximum weight of the vehicle

7055 lb

Minimum height

4.7 in

Lifting height back of the car

61 in

Lifting height front of the car

57 in

Lifting height side member of the car

23.6 in

Minimum track width 

47.24 in

Maximum track width

68.9 in

Highest position of the mobile mini lift

27.6 in

Type Fully-Pneumatic
Required air pressure 87 - 130 psi
Weight 243 lb
Dimensions of the jacking pad - L x W 10.24 x 3.15 in
Dimensions of the mobile mini lift - L x W 53  x  24.8 in
Height of the handle - H 42.5 in

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Mobile minilift lifting up cars at the front back and the side

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