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1. Power input: DC 12V, or Vehicle battery power supply

2. 1/2 inch drive shaft head

3. Max. 340 N·M torque

4. Comes with two double-sockets: 17/19 mm, 21/23 mm

5. Night lighting function include

ROGTZ 1/2 inch electric impact wrench has rated power of 85 Watts, 12 Volt with high no load speed.

Features Max Torque of 340 N·M. The package includes a metal gear box for durability, an isolated forward/reverse switch, and double sockets (17/19 mm, 21/23 mm).



Light weight and simple use: Removes the nuts by pressing the switch for about 5 seconds. At 3.7 pounds our electric wrench is very light in weight and ergonomic in design makes it one of the most comfortable and portable wrenches.

Night lighting function: Flat tire at night? Just get the ROGTZ wrench out, it's very bright built-in LED will light the night and help you to get back on road safely and quickly.

Complete package: The Package includes a suitcase, 2 double socket wrenches (17/19 mm & 21/23 mm) and 3 spare fuses. 

More than one power source options: It can be connected either to a 12V power outlet or car battery, so no power failures. You have help in emergencies.


Steps for usage:

Step 1: Select a suitable socket, insert the square hole into the square shaft head at the top of the electric wrench.

Then loosen or tighten the bolt 2 sleeves are suitable for unloading screws of 4 sizes, and 1 sleeve is suitable for unloading screws of 2 sizes.

Pay attention to the size when selecting the sleeve. If it is not possible to remove the screws, please use a different size

Step 2: According to the required working direction, select the loose and tight switch.

At the left mark "II" of the power switch, reverse the direction and remove the screw.

At the mark "I" on the right, it is in the direction of clockwise rotation, tighten the screws.

At middle mark "0", it means stop.



1. Overload use is absolutely forbidden, in case of no-load running, the max speed working is prohibited.

2. To ensure sufficient electricity, it is better to start the vehicle before actual operation.

3. Do not damp the wire of the wrench or immerse it in water. Please do not operate in rainy days to avoid any risk of electric shock.

4. It is forbidden to operate in flammable and explosive places to avoid causing fire and explosion.

5. Pay attention to the battery plus and minus,when the battery clip is connected with the car battery (DC 12V), do not reverse the position.

6. Do not push too hard on the top of the nut when using the electric car wrench to loosen or tighten it. If the nut cannot be loosened and the drive shaft cannot be rotated, stop the operation immediately.

7. Children are not allowed to operate electric car wrench or get close to the work place of electric car wrench.

Control MethodWire
Drive Shaft Head Size
12.5mm (1/2")
Two double-sockets: 17/19 mm, 21/23 mm
Max. 340 N·M
DC 12 V, or Vehicle battery power supply
Rated Power
Working Current
Max. 12A
Item Weight3.7 lbs. (1.7kg)
Packaging Weight6.3 lbs. (2.85kg)
Packaging Dimension11-1/4" × 5-1/2" × 9" (285 × 140 × 230 mm)
Package List
1. 1 × Electric car wrench( with cigarette lighter )
2. 1 × Battery clip
3. 3 × Fuse
4. 2 × Double Sockets ( 17 / 19 mm, 21 / 23 mm)

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Electric Impact Wrench 1/2 Inch & 12V Impact Driver Car Repair Tool

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