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1. High Capacity Lifting: The car lift L5 has 10,000 lbs lifting capacity, equipped with 220V 60Hz 2HP Motor, the lifting height can be adjusted freely which from 4-5/16" to 75", the lift column Height about 146-29/32", Overall Width about 132-5/16". Strong support capacity.

2. Simple and Safe Operation: The car lift's both sides have single release safety lock design which is easy and convenient to operate, with protective rubber door guards, double-column symmetrical arm chassis is stable enough to run smoothly and worry-free, and the design of hydraulic chain drive cylinders is safe and reliable.

3.Quality is Trustworthy: long-term be made professional car lifts, strong and durable special-grade steel, equip pulleys and high-quality synchronizer cables, the pulley design is beneficial to reduce high stress during synchronization and extend the life of the cables.

4. Strong DesignSymmetric clear-floor design; Added overhead safety shutoff bar; Proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity and static test with 150% rated capacity.

5. Worry-Free After-Sales: If you have any doubts or problems after purchasing the machine, please feel free to contact us, and our staff will solve all problems for you.


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Auto Car Lift HP-L5 10000LBS 220V

1. Adjustable: Foot pad height adjustable for cars of different height chassis.

2. Inside: Neat appearance with hose inside the columns of the car lift.

3. Convenient: Single point mechanical lock release allows technician to disengage both of the vehicle lift's columns simultaneously.

4. Limit Switch: Shut-off switch on overhead to protect the top of the car.

5. Safety: Dual hydraulic cylinders drive, stable lifting and lowering.

6. Stability: Equalization of two steel cables force both sliding blocks to move synchronously, effectively preventing the vehicle from tilting.

7. Self locking system: to maintain car lift arms position.

8. High Quality: this 2 post auto lift product has earned European CE certification.

9. Symmetric clear-floor design

1. Multi-strand non-rotary non-stretchy cable

2. Whole-Plate structure reinforced

3. Hydraulic pump Motor 220V Fasten the pilaster tubing interface

4. Freely adjustable casters Flexible use unimpeded shrinkage

5. Anti-collision design Protect the exterior of the car

6. Adjustable height on swivel casters to suit vehicle height

7. Hydraulic cylinder stable lifting 

8. Power lock cover
Idler Lock Cover  Safety measures against falling


  • Rise Height(Screw Pads Highest Position):71-41/64"(1820mm)
  • Column Height:143-5/16"(3640mm)
  • Overall Width:131"(3325mm)
  • Drive-thru Clearance:99-13/64"(2520mm)
  • Floor to Overhead Switch:144-3/32"(3660mm)
  • Short Arm Reach:22-19/32"-39-25/64"(575-1000mm)
  • Long Arm Reach:35-51/64"-55-3/32"(910-1400mm)
  • Screw Pad Height:4-45/64-819/64"(120-210mm)
  • Inside of Columns:109-41/64(2785mm)
  • Maximum Capacity:10000lbs(4545kg)
  • Ceiling Height Required:152-13/64"(3865mm)
  • Pump Hydraulic Oil Capacity:2Gallon
  • Hydraulic Pressure Oil:Wearable OfHydraulic Pressure Oil 

  • Attention:
       1. Lift capacity ratings are based on loads equally distributed on all four arms.
       2. Lifting and lowering speeds may vary depending on weight ofvehicle.
Model HP-L5  
Lift Rate Capacity 10,000 lbs. 4545 kg Floor to Overhead Switch 145-45/64" 3700 mm
Max. Lift Height 75" 1900 mm Control Method Electro-Hydraulic
Min. Height 4-5/16" 110 mm Unlocking Method Single side manual release
Column Height 146-29/32" 3800 mm Time to Full Rise ≤ 55s
Overall Width 132-5/16" 3360 mm Certified CE
Inner Width of Column 110-13/64" 2800 mm Rotate Speed 3360 RPM
Drive-thru Width Clearance 99-13/64" 2520 mm Power 2.2 KW
Bracket Type 2+2 Straight arm, retractable Voltage Single Phase, 220v 60Hz

Front Arm Reach

29-3/32" ~ 45-5/16" 740 ~ 1150 mm Power Cord 118 in.
Rear Arm Reach 35 ~ 54-45/64" 890 ~ 1390 mm Current 15 A
Pad Adjustment Reach 4-21/64 ~ 5-29/32" 110 ~ 150 mm Pump Hydraulic Oil Capacity 2 Gallon
Thread M39 x 4 Oil Type Wearable of Hydraulic Pressure Oil 
Pad Dia. 4-45/64" 120mm Weight 1386 lbs. 623 kg

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Bolton Tools Industrial 10000lbs Lifting Capacity Two Post Car Lift 220V Floor Plate Auto Lift

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