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1. Rim diameter: 14" - 26".

2. Voltage: 220V / 60Hz / 1ph.

3. Max. wheel weight: 1100lb.

4. Max. wheel width: 31-1/2''.

5. Max. tire diameter: 63''.

The TOGON T568 is a super-duty tire changer that handles the truck, bus and commercial van tires with ease. Comes with joy stick control.

The TOGON T568 is an incredibly fast and efficient large tire changer. Swap out tubeless truck, agricultural and off-road tires from 14" to 26" in just minutes. A portable remote control brings convenient precision to your finger tips and saves you precious time. We've thoroughly explored all aspects of truck wheel service to develop the quickest large tyre changer possible, so high-volume tire shops can get the speed, capability and dependability that they demand.


Experience your shortest floor-to-floor service times ever, making your job easier and more profitable. All of our tire machines are built with forged, hardened, and ground components designed to resist scoring, grooving, and wear. Our engineers understand that speed, convenience and safety are your top priorities, so we've made them ours. TOGON tire changers are built to allow operators to learn and use them both quickly and safely, so you'll be up and running in no time flat.


Portable Control Unit
Simple controls and positionable unit console lets the operator safely monitor the tire-changing process from the most advantageous angle.


Self-Centering Hydraulic Clamping Chuck
Clamp from either the center bore of the wheel or the inside of the wheel--it doesn't matter. The TOGON T568 has you covered.

Super-duty Electric Hydraulic Motor & Hydraulic Drive
This powerfully sophisticated bi-directional hydraulic motor delivers smooth torque to the To Heavy-Duty Fleet Tire Machine.

Sturdy Spindle, Chuck & Mount / De-Mount Head
The entire assembly gracefully rotates, raises and lowers at your direction via easy-to-learn, simple-to-use operator controls.

Quick Set-Up
Swift positioning lock mount / demount arm.

Designed to Perform and Built to Last 

Ranger tire changers are easy to operate and durable enough to withstand the everyday abuses of a busy shop. Super-tough, aluminum-alloy air cylinders, rugged welded steel body, and more make this one of the toughest, most durable and trouble-free tyre machines you will ever own. 

Hydraulic Sled Carriage
Hydraulic sled carriage for positioning, bead loosening, mounting and demounting procedures.

One Piece
Single-piece frame for superior rigidity.

Spreader Jaws
Hydraulically operated spreader-type jaws ensure secrue clamping of virtually all rims and off-road style wheels.

Safe and Easy to Use 

It’s simple: our sensible ergonomic design means easier operation for you and your technicians. 

Powerful Bead Breaker 

Quick set-up and a powerful stainless steel air cylinder provide plenty of tire busting power. Combine that with our durable bead breaker blade and you’ve got the capability to service virtually anything that rolls into your shop.

Massive Chuck Spindles
Huge spindle to handle the heaviest loads.

Built-In Sturdiness
Sturdy spindle, chuck and mount / demount head hydraulically rotates, raises, and lowers with simple operator controls.

A Gentle Touch
Very gentle on over-the-road tires and tubeless tires mounted on aluminum wheels.

Rim Diameter


Max. Wheel Weight

1100 lb

Max. Wheel Width


Max. Tyre Diameter


Hydraulic Pump Motor

1.5kw 220v-1ph

Gearbox motor

2.2kw 220v-1ph

Bead Breaker Force


Max. Torque


Operation Control Voltage


Machine Weight


Overall Dimensions

100"x 78"


220v 60Hz 1ph



Gross Weight


Outside Dimension L x W x H

80" x 62" x 40"

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14-26'' Rim Capacity Automatic Truck Tire changer Heavy Duty Tire Changer Bus & Tractor Tire Changer Max. Tire Diameter 63''

  • Model #: CJHNER0U
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  • WARRANTY: 90-Days
  • Before: $6,000.00
  • Now: $5,000.00

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