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1. Without limitation of space, work with all kind of 2 post lift ,Floor plate or Clear floor model.(Install in front of the car)

2. All the operation on your Android tablet as PAD cell phone etc, connect to alignment machine by Wi-Fi.

3. Download AUMARK alignment APP on Google play store.

4. Four targets are crash resistant and mobile stand can use in multi-runway.

5. Run-Out- Compensation(ROC) on the ground, Lifting adjustment.

1. Install on the post of lift, install in front of car, every 2post lift can do alignment.



2. Start alignment on your tablet Pad. No cable, Wireless operation.



3. Select a car on your Android Pad.



4. Run-Out-Compensation(ROC) on the ground.



5. Print out or share the result to printer APP.



Note: Alignment not include Android Device, User need to Self prepared Android Device, Device require software android 5.1or above and with Wi-Fi module.

Item Accuracy Measurement Range
Camber ±0.01° ±8°
Caster ±0.03° ±19°
 K.P.I ±0.02° ±19°
TOE ±0.01° ±2°
 Thrust Angle ±0.02° ±2°
Track width Difference ±0.02° ±2°
Front Setback ±0.02° ±2°
Rear Setback ±0.02° ±2°
Track width Difference ±0.64° <265mm
Wheelbase ±0.64° <533mm
Operating Temperature -22°F - 122°F
Power Consumption 110V/220V 1ph 60Hz
Rim Size 13'' - 24''

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5D Four Wheel Alignment Wheel Aligner System With with Advance Software and Cameras for 2-Post Lift Machine

  • Model #: CHFPME52
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • WARRANTY: 90-Days
  • Before: $6,350.00
  • Now: $5,433.00

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