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1. Fully Automatic function: Auto design with 10KG double gas cylinders equipped with 2 refrigerant tanks is suitable for one R-134a, one HFO-1234yf, which saves the operators' time of replacing tanks. and the charging speed is up to 2Kg/Min.

2. Simple Operation: Just press the automatic button to realize the automatic functions of recovery, exhaust, and refrigerant (or refrigerated oil) filling, which can be operated quickly and continuously, best capability in diagnosing and rectifying air-conditioning issues, Greatly improve production efficiency.

3. High Efficiency: Vacuum/vacuum leak test function, with 3/8HP compressor, the average gaseous refrigerant recovery rate (through the charging/suction port) is 250g/min, which can minimize the loss of refrigerant during refrigerant replacement.Ensures zero cross contamination between two refrigerants.

4. Automatic Maintenance Reminder: The life of the equipment drying filter is designed to dry and recover 100KG refrigerant. After the service life of the filter drier expires, the machine will automatically lock and machine maintenance is required.

5. Parts & After-Sales Service: After you purchase this machine, if you have any questions about the use of the machine or about parts, you can contact us at any time to deal with it for you. If you have any other questions, you can call our customer service phone to answer your questions.

Fully Automatic Recovery-For Both R-134a and HFO-1234yf

This is a very good investment you have made for your workshop. This system will help your technicians in achieving their best capability in diagnosing and rectifying air-conditioning issues, thus increasing productivity and profitability for your business. This system can be customized to suit each individual workshop needs. 

RCC-6S-dual is an ideal option for workshops that have requirements of handling both R-134a and HFO-1234yf refrigerants.

The loss of refrigerant is minimized to less than 50 gram at shifting from one refrigerantto another,and deep internal evacuation ensures zero cross contamination between two refrigerants.

The machine is equipped with 2 refrigerant tanks,which saves the operators'time of replacing tanks.

The unique design has facilitated quick load cell unlock, easy and economic maintenance (even though DIY maintenance is facilitated by our machine design, it is still highly recommended to leave maintenance job to specialized technicians.)

Main function:

1. Recovery- Recovers and purifies refrigerant from automotive A/C to equipment tank.

2. Vacuum-Evacuates air and moisture from the A/C system. Upon completion of vacuum, manual oil injection is prompted.

3. Charge-Charge refrigerant from equipment gas cylinder to automotive A/C system.

4. Tank fill-Transfer liquid refrigerant from an external refrigerant storage cylinder to equipment cylinder.

5. Auto. mode-Performs the selected functions in a fully automatic sequence. The machine will stop automatically once all the selected functions have been completed.


  • Tank fill
  • Recovery
  • Vacuum/vacuum leak test
  • Oil injection
  • Charge
  • Fully automati

Sys. Setting:

1. Language Select-operation language.

2. Calibration-Calibration refrigerant gas cylinder load cells. 

3. Database-Enter automotive A/C database

4. Unit set-Select metric or imperial units

5. Empty container weight set-Set empty refrigerant gas cylinder. 

6. Component test-Test work status of solenoids, vacuum pump and compressor.


1. Product: A / C Sarvice Station

2. Model: RCC-6S-Dual

3. Refrigerant : R134a / R1234yt

4. Power Supply: 110V / 60Hz

5. Output: 700W


  • Dimension: Package: 750 x 650 x 1175mm; Machine: 610 x 595 x 1075mm
  • Input Power: AC110V / 60Hz
  • Pre-ventilation: After power switch turns on, the machine needs 30 seconds to make ventilation before it is powered on. 
  • Compressor Power: 3/8 HP
  • Average Gas State Refrigerant Recovery Speed (through charge/suction port): 0.55 lb/min. 
  • Recovery Rate: 96%. 
  • Vacuum Pump Capacity: 120 L/min, non-sparkle. 
  • Accuracy of Gas Cylinder Load Cell: ±10g
  • Capacity of Dual Gas Cylinders (one for R-134a, one for HFO-1234yf): 10Kg
  • New Oil Bottle Capacity: 250mL
  • Used Oil Bottle Capacity: 400mL
  • Dual Condensers and Cooling Fans, one for R-134a, one for HFO-1234yf
  • Max. Pressure: 20bar
  • Charge Speed: Max. 2Kg/min
  • LCD Display: 7", touch screen
  • High Pressure Gauge Range: -1bar~40bar
  • Low Pressure Gauge Range: -1bar~22bar
  • Automatic service reminding. The equipment filter-drier life is designed to desiccate and recycle 100KG refrigerant. Upon filter-drier life expires, the machine is automatically locked and a machine maintenance needs to be performed. A machine maintenance includes, but not limits to, filter-drier replacement, but also pump lubrication oil replacement, solenoid spool washer replacement, leak test etc.. 
  • Can be used for fuel, hybrid or electric vehicles


Input Power: AC110V±10% / 60Hz
LCD Display: 7'', Touch screen display
Compressor Power: 3/8HP
RecoveryRate: ≥96%
Average Gas State Refrigerant Recovery speed(through charge/suction port): 250 g/min
Vacuum Pump Capacity: 60 L/min, non-sparkle
Accuracy of Gas Cylinder Load Cell: ±10g
Max. Pressure: 20bar
Charge Speed: Max. 4.4 lb/min (2 Kg/min)
High Pressure Gauger Range: -1bar ~ 30bar
Low Pressure Gauge ange: -1bar ~ 16bar
A/C Database Included free update through USB port ·
New Oil Bottle Capacity: 250 mL
Used Oil Bottle Capacity: 400 mL
Package Dimension: 29.5" x 25.6" x 46.3" (750 x 650 x 1175 mm)
Unpacked Machine: 24" x 23" x 42" (610 x 595 x 1075 mm)

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Bolton Tools Fully Automatic Refrigerant Recovery 96% Recover R134A Dual Gas Cylinder Car HVAC Recycle & Recharge Machine

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