3 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set R404A/R407C/R22/R134a Refrigerant Charging

HONGSEN AC manifold gauge is 3 way double movement brass manifold auto AC gauge, which is durable and anti-corrosion. It can be used for refrigerant refilling in the air conditioning system and indicate the real time system pressure. The blue low pressure gauge with range -30inHg~260PSI, and red high pressure -30inHg~550PSI, Fahrenheit unit. 2-1/2'' large dial with color coded scale is easy to read, and sight window and highly sensitive test paperon the manifold help to monitor refrigerant charging and recovery better and easily. Built in calibration screw and no-flutter pointer ensure measurement accuracy. Perfect for R404A,R407C,R22,R134a.

The Major Parts are the hook, low pressure gauge (blue), high pressure gauge (red), low pressure port, high pressure port, refill port, high and low pressure handle. 


1. 3 × 5.9FT Color Coded Hoses: HONGSEN charging kit uses rubber nylon resin material hoses, featured with anti-corrosion, low fluid resistance, high bearing pressure, ensure durability and good air sealing. Max working pressure is 600PSI and burst pressure is 3000PSI. Each side is loaded with 1/4" female brass fittings for easy connection. Red hose connects red gauge side 1/4" male flare to red quick coupler, blue to blue, and yellow hose connects AC gauge middle charging port to can tap or vacuum pump.

2. Liquid indicator and highly sensitive test paper: The explosion-proof liquid indicator and highly sensitive test paper can help to monitor refrigerant charging and recovery better and easily. You can directly see when the freon start/stop charging and how fast through acrylic transparent sight window on the manifold. 

3. Unique design knob: The gentle and comfortable aluminium knob is easy to operation. 

4. Paper box packaging: A bag of valve core accessories and well-written detailed instruction are included in the ac refrigerant manifold charging kit. It is convient to store and cary.


1. Always wear protective goggle and gloves during your operation of the twin gauge valve.

2. Never touch the refrigerant directly, otherwise your eyes and skin might be hurt seriously.

3. Always carefully use three color tubes. Probably there is some residual refrigerant in the tube. Don't let the tube opening aim at any person.

4. The original real twin gauge valve has Hongsen logo. Identify it carefully. Beware of imitation.

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5.9FT Hose 3 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set R404A/R407C/R22/R134a Refrigerant Charging

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