2T Electric Scissor Jack

The electric scissor jack's load capacity can reach up to 2T /4400 LBS and built-in LED light can be used at night .This car jack kit is an indispensable helper for garages, highways, and long-distance trip

2T- Lifting Capacity
The electric jack for car has a maximum lifting weight of 3 tons and a lifting height range of 5.5-14.6 inch(Sedan)
Automatic Jacking
With the simple remote control, the electric floor jack is easy to operate( Please keep your distance from the car when you activate the jack)
Correct Placement
Place the electric jack in the direction parallel to the car ( when Lift the car, please stay away from the car slightly)
Safety Protection
When the car jack reaches the maximum height-16.5 inch , it will stop working automatically
Convenient for night use
Instead of carrying with a flash car jack is designed with built-in LED light ,you only need the on whenever necessary
Two way power supply
To start your operation ,plug into the cigarette lighter or light the power source ,do not worry about the power failure into you have 2 choice

ROGTZ electric car jack is worth having for emergency roadside tire change and repair. 

The reinforced solid screw rod and high-strength steel body make it strong and durable. Car jack scissor and flat tooth design, larger contact surface make it stable, two raised heads are suitable for city car or SUV. And it’s also anti-rust and wear resistant because of the whole anti-oxidation painting body. Battery clips with DC 12V could be used to connect battery if car cigarette lighter is inoperative.


1. Higher stability and safety: Our electric car jack will not easily be torn apart or twisted, due to the heavy-duty thickening steel plate, large base, and compact triangle design. Furthermore, it will automatically stop working when it reaches the height limitation (16-1/2 inches).

2. Best choice for Sedan and SUV (under 4400 lbs.): Two removable raised heads are respectively designed for Sedan and SUV. Vehicles under 4400 lbs. can be easily lifted, but DO NOT use it on the trucks and those beyond 4400 lbs.

3. Get done in minutes: It takes only about 2 minutes to reach a maximum height (16-1/2 inches) with loading capacity as high as 4400 lbs. Whether men or women can replace the tire with ease in any emergent case.

4. Built-in flashlight for night use: The convenient built-in flash LED light enables operation at night or in the dimmed light without any additional lighting tools. Two-way power supply (12V outlet or car battery) in case of failing to use when one of the power source is unstuck.

5. Professional double-purpose tool box: All the electric jacks are equipped with a powerful, firm suitcase, which helps keeping the components and parts well organized. By the time, it can also act as a road sign when you stand it behind the car, just for fear of the unexpected accident.


1. Absolutely do not go over the stated limits and restrictions. This product is only applicable to small and medium vehicles (within 4400 pounds), the lifting of larger ones beyond 4400 pounds is not supported. The manufacturer is not responsible for incorrect use.

2. Electric car jack must be used on flat ground.

3. To ensure sufficient electricity, it is better to start the vehicle before the actual operation.

4. When the electric car jack is working, please do not get too close to the car and use a finger to touch it to avoid any personal injury.

5. In the lifting process of the electric car jack, if it suddenly stops working, you can insert the hand crank into the hole of the gear case cover backside and rotate it in an anticlockwise direction to decline. (Prohibit the use of hand crank to lift up).

6. Please pay attention to the battery plus and minus, when the battery clip is connected to the car battery (DC 12V), do not reverse the position.

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Electric Car Jack 4400 LBS DC 12v All-in-One Automatic Sedan Lift Scissor Jack Car Repair Tool

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