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1. WEISS WBL250F bench lathe is the perfect size for garage or workshop to take on light duty jobs requiring a 10" swing, 1"(26mm) spindle bore and 22" between centers.
2. This lathe comes equipped with a full featured carriage and apron assemblies that provide super accurate custs and finishes. 
3. POWER CROSS FEED as well as feed on the carriage. Both in, out, left&right
4. Powerful 1.5HP Brushless Motor provide variable speeds from 50 - 2000 rpm.
5. Lead screws are true Inch pitch screws on cross slide, compound slide and tailstock for easy inch measurement readings. 

6. WEISS Nanjing factory provides reliable quality, in time service and fast technical support

Want top quality from China with best price? Come to WEISS, you can get excellent value!

WBL250F new features with steady rest, follow rest, faceplate, MT2 living center, metal toobox&tools


· Spindle is supported by high precision, Class 5, adjustable tapered roller bearings

· Lathe digital speed readout tachometer on face of machine

· Variable speed from 50-2000rpm

Electronic Driving System

· WBL250F has 1.5HP POWERFUL brushless motor with silent running

· High quality electronics used throughout machine for long term reliability

· Braking resistors increase the stability of the electrical system

· Brushless motors has high efficiency, low noise (quiet), smooth operation, long life, low maintenance costs. Especially with low energy consumption brings better economic benefits to users

Change Gear

· WBL250F change gear cover is equipped with protective QKS8 door swtich

· WBL250F change gears are all metal gears, can provides 33 kinds of inch threads and 21 kinds of metric threads cutting

· WBL250F gearbox provides both right and left hand threads cutting

· WBL250F gearbox provides 3 kinds of feeding speeds



· WBL250F tailstock with quick lock handle

· Tailstock lock system features a drive hub to ensure consistent draw-down alignment every time

MT2 Tailstock Quill

5" 3-Jaw Self-centering Chuck

Power longitudinal & cross feed

Guideway induction hardened and precision ground for long life

4-Way Tool Post

Cross Slide with T-slot Table

Imperial Threading Dial

One year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit from from factory defects. Professional technical support from WEISS factory


   Model No.  WBL250F

·  Distance between centers:  22"

·  Swing over bed:  10"

·  Swing over cross slide:  5-1/2"

· Bed width:  5-1/4"

· Spindle bore:  1"

· Spindle taper: MT#4

· Spindle speeds:  50-2000 RPM (Variable)

· Range of cross feeds:  0.0014-0.004"/rev.

· Range of longitudinal feeds:  0.0025-0.014"/rev. 

· Inch thread range:  (37)  8–80 TPI

· Metric thread range: (21)  0.35–3 mm

· Cross slide travel:  4-1/8"

· Compound rest travel:  2-3/4" 

· Tailstock taper:  MT#2

· Tailstock quill travel:  2-3/4"

· Motor type:  Brushless  1.5HP

· Power supply:  110V/1Ph/60Hz

· Rated current:  10A

· Packing size:  49-1/4" W × 22-5/8" D × 24" H 

· Approx. shipping weight:   350 lbs.

·   5 A type 3-jaw chuck with two sets of jaws

·   Steady rest

·   Follow rest

·   Faceplate

·   4-way tool post

·  Chuck guard

·  Splash guard & oil tray

·  Chasing thread dail

·  Replacement fuses

·  MT#2 & MT#4 dead centers

·  MT#2 living center

·  Tool box with service tools

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WEISS WBL250F Metal Lathe 10" x 22" Benchtop Brushless Lathe Variable Speed 50 - 2000 RPM 1.5HP (1100W) With 5" 3-jaw Chuck

  • Model #: LK8VQI8H
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • WARRANTY: 90-Days
  • $2,999.00

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