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LFD is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of power tools such as Portable lifters, diamond core drills, and long-term high-efficiency motors in Taiwan. 

LFD has always adhered to the "integrity, quality, service" concept, quality management, and services to the pursuit of a "100%" customer satisfaction" as the goal. Keep improving, self-requirements with higher standards, enhance product competitiveness, meet customer needs, use customer support as the driving force, and strive to provide consumers with the best products. If you have any needs, we will fully cooperate to provide you with a full range of services.

Introduction of LF360 Portable Lifter

LFD Portable lifter is the most compact, lightest, smallest portable lifter/lift/hoist that can be carried by a single person.

And the lifting equipment can also use for multi-purposes like the installation of air conditioning units, awnings, HVAC duct,(air conditioner/aircon hoist, awning lift, ac duct lifter, ac unit lifts and electric duct lifter)

Key Features

Made in Taiwan

● It's ideally suited for the air-conditioning and HVAC industry - both for installation and maintenance.

● The most compact, lightest, smallest portable lifter for heavy objects.

● The Max. lift height to load up to 11.4 Feet

● Easy for one person to set up the lift - simply unfold, set up, and operated. 

● The tripod with cylinder has a total of five points that stand on the ground and has high stability.

● Double-layer expansion and contraction, the length of the tripod can be adjusted at any time with the working space, and it is not limited by the height or unevenness of the terrain.

● The dragging wheel with a drag handle makes it light, fast, and force-saving.

● The bending design of the foot bracket makes the tripod more compact and does not occupy space when being folded.

● The external tripod's special shaped design makes it more durable.

● The top panel can be settled close to the wall surface, with quick release bolts on both feet, allowing the feet to close together and the top panel to stay close to the wall.

● With wrench for power failure and emergency stop device.

● Up and down speed can be adjusted by stepless speed changer.

● With overload automatic tripping device. if the carrying weight exceeds the load capacity set by the machine, the trip device will be activated. At this time, the motor is idle and the body cannot continue to rise. The weight must be reduced and the operation can be resumed.

●Telescoping Legs - For uneven surfaces such as stairways, slopes, etc.

●Leveling Mast - Ensure the mast is vertical before operation.

●Telescoping Mast - Compact, Strong, and Light - made with robust, specially heat-treated aluminum.

●Electric Motor - Variable speed controller with long cable and belt clip.

●Manual Controls - lf no power available, use an electric drill or handle to wind lifter.

●Emergency Stop Button - Also used to switch to manual control.

●Setup in 30 seconds - No tools required.

●Overload Cut-Out - Fitted with overload clutch for safety.

●Retractable - Lift loads adjacent to wall.

●Fine Positioning - Align load precisely with variable speed controller

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Electric Portable Lifter, 264Lb, Load 11.7 Feet, For Air Conditioning HVAC Awning Lifter, AC Lift, 110v / 220v, CE Made In Taiwan

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