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1. Electric move, electric lift .
2. 100H type gantry steel, (φ305x100mm) x 2 electric drive wheels .
3. Carrying one person less than 330 lbs capacity up to 118" height.
4. Lifting goods less than 220 lbs load tray capacity from 41.3"  to 118"  height
5. Cargo with weight less than 220 lbs load deck for powered cargo shelf, 220 lbs for chassis shelf.
6. Build-in battery 2 × 12 V/108 Ah battery free maintenance 5 hours charging time
7. Recharge power supply 110V / 60 Hz.
8. Walking motors 24V/0.5 KW x 2pieces
9. Turning radius: 59’’
10. Build-in safety system, emergence descent system and emergency stop system.
11. Operator platform size ( W x L ) 19.6 x 28.7 Inch
12. Machine gross weight: 1741 lbs
13. Tyres is Non-marking Anti-Skid Solid Rubber
14. Build-in Intergent / Curtis Control Systems USA

Whole View of Self-propelled Material Picker Model MPL 03M

MPL 03M Full Electric Stock Picker is a highly-end fully intelligent material stacker , features:

Drivable at full height

Pick & carry stock at up to needed height, carry stock to your destination

Super low step-allows easy entry toplatform

Bright color design to refelect a fresh alarm working environment.

Front blue alarming light, rear beeping strobe light

Bulid in safety system, emergency descent / emergency stop.

Pure DC power control and automatic braking system

Using 100H type gantry steel,

American Curtis center control system

The platform door is self-resetting and electric quantity and voltage timing one body display table

View of lifted stage Model MPL 03M

Max raised height: 118 inch (3 M)

Max Working height: 196 inch (5 M)

Powered Cargo Shelf Capacity: 220 LB

Load Capacity Operator: 330 LB

Ground Cargo Shelf Capacity: 220 L

permitted on platform: 1 person

Buzzes and lights flicker alarm during working

This stock picker is a vertical self-Walking platform suited for most stock picking applications. It is a mobile productivity tool that allows one person to safely and efficiently accomplishthe work of two, traveling twice as fast as the average walking speed.

 Ideal for higher warehouse racking and store shelving.

After-sale Service

  •  To provide a lifetime goods services for all equipment, included equipment maintenance, spare parts  supply,   provide  manuals and video, etc.
  • • To provide remote service support by phone and network freely.

  •  You Must Be Trained


    • You or others around you can be seriously injured or even killed  if youare not careful or don’t know how to use

      this vertical lifting platform machinecorrectly.

    • Only trained and authorized operators are permitted to usethis machine.

    • The program also includes watching the Training Video,reviewing the Operator Manual of Responsibility, along

       with hands-on trainingand practice on this machine.

    • You must successfully demonstrate understanding of thematerial presented and be able to safely operate the

       machine before your training is completed.


    • Don't use this machine unless you are trained and authorized.

    • Know how does this machine work,  Don't operate thismachine if you have any doubts.

    • Find the Data Label on the mast. Make certain you understandall the information on it. Such as: capacities,  total

       weight of  themachine etc.

    • Make sure your hands and shoes are clean and dry. Also makesure that your clothing is proper for the job.


• Inspect yourmachine before using it. If it’s not working right, or something is broken,report the problem to your supervisor. Don’t use this machine until it to theright position.

• In an openarea, check all  operations. Make certain everything is working right,especially before operating around other people.

Technical Parameter MPL03M

Max Platform Height 118 Inch
Max Working Height 196 Inch
Height Of Storage 57 Inch (1.46m)
Getway Height 14 Inch (0.36m)
Operator Platform Size 19 x 28.7 Inch
Machine Overall Length 58 Inch
Width of Chassis(w/o bumper) 29.5 Inch
Gross Weight 1741 Lbs / 790Kgs
Person allowed on Stand 1 person
Load Capacity Operator 330Lbs/ 150kgs
Power Cargo Shelf Capacity 220 Lbs/100 Kgs
Ground Cargo Shelf Capacity 220 Lbs/100kgs
Falling Speed 4.0Km/1 hour
Rising Speed 0.8 Km/1 hour
Radius of Transition 1.5 Meter / 59 inch
Ground Clearance Max 1.9"/ 50mm
Batter Power Supply DC 24 V
Recharge Power supply 110V / 60 HZ
Battery 12V / 108AH X 2 pieces
Build-in Charger 24 V / 15A 5 hours charging
Drive Wheels Size (φ305x100mm) x 2 pieces
Castrer Steering 6" PU
Operator Lifting Motor 24V / 0.8KW
Track Lift Motor 24V / 0.3 KW
Drive Motors 24V/0.5KW x 2 pieces
Moving Methods Self Propelled Type
Driving System Single Electric Handle Control
Climb Ability 20%
Tyres Non-marking, Anti-Skid Solid Rubber
Safety Protection Descent and stop systems yes
Intellegient Center Control yes

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Intelligent Self-Walking Lifted Stock Picker 118" Height 220 Lbs Model MPL03M

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