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1. Max Platform Height 153"
2. Min Platform Height 31.5"
3. Loading Capacity 660 lbs
4. Platform Size 45-9⁄32" x 27-9⁄16"
5. Platform Extention 21-21⁄32"
6. Working Type Electric Moving Electric Lifting
7. Maintenance Free of Battery 2x12V/80Ah 6 hours charging 5 hours working time
8. Min Turning Radius 47"
9. Caster 9" no mark wheel
10. Lifting Motor 24V/0. 8Kw
11. Walking Motor 2 x 24V/0. 5Kw
12. Machine Weight: 1455 Lbs
13. Machine Structure Material : steel

General Description of Model ASF3-3.9

Main features:

Electric walking electric lifting

Curtis Control Systems USA

Automatic braking systems

Charge protection/emergence stop /emergence desctnt /  safety maintenance support

Extensible platform and Drawer type storage and control box

Truck fork hole for load

Voltage digital display meter

Front wheel adopts 6-inch universal wheels

Rear drive wheel size Dia230 x 80 mm

Due to the limitation of the photo, the appearance of the machine refer to the real in the warehouse.

Main Parameter of Model ASF3-3.9

153" lifting height  660Lbs Load Capacity.

Folded machine size: 51 x 30 x 74.8 inch

Platform size: 45 x 23 inch ( 1.15 x 0.6 M)

Platform extension 21.6 inch (0.55 M)

Max lifting height 153 inch (3.9 meters)

Max working height  212 inch ( 5.4 meters)

Lifting motor 24V / 0.8KW

Drive motors 2 x 24V/0.5KW

Maintenance free battery 2 x 12V/80AH

Side View of Model ASF3-3.9

Steel structure frame

Gross weight 1455 LB (660kgs)

Drawer Type Control Box

Build-In- Charger

Battery inside the control box

Lifting motor inside the control box

Extensible Platform

Extension length 550 mm

General Application Description

Model ASF3-3.9 is a small volume scissor type lifted working platform, which is easy for transport and storage.

This machine is a high performance high altitude operation auxiliary machinery, due to it is stable and flexible function, it was widely applicated to indoor and outdoor aerial installation and maintenance operations.

It is idea tools to be used in airports, schools, libraries, exhibition halls, government agencies, threaters, supermarkets and for construction decloration and installation etc.

After-sale Service

  •  To provide a lifetime goods services for all equipment, included equipment maintenance, spare parts supply,   provide manuals and video, etc.
  •  To provide remote service support by phone and network freely.

 You Must Be Trained


• You or others around you can be seriously injured  if you are not careful or don’t know how to use this vertical lifting       platform machine correctly.

• Only trained and authorized operators are permitted to usethis machine.

• The program also includes watching the Training Video,reviewing the Operator Manual of Responsibility, along with   hands-on training and practice on this machine.

• You must successfully demonstrate understanding of thematerial presented and be able to safely operate the machine   before your training is completed.


• Don't use this machine unless you are trained and authorized.

• Know how does this machine work,  Don't operate this machine if you have any doubts.

• Find the Data Label on the mast. Make certain you understandall the information on it. Such as: capacities,  total weight   of  themachine etc. 

• Make sure your hands and shoes are clean and dry. Also makesure that your clothing is proper for the job.




• Inspect your machine before using it. If it’s not working right, or something is broken,report the problem to your   supervisor. Don’t use this machine until it to the right position.

• In an openarea, check all  operations. Make certain everything is working right,especially before operating around other   people.

Technical Parameter (Model No.: ASF3-3.9)

Max Platform Height 153 inch
Min Platform Height 31.5 inch
Platform Size 45*23.6 inch
Overall Machine Size 51 x 30 x 74.8 Inch
Folded Overall Height 59 inch
Rated Load Capacity 660 LBs
Platform Extension Size 21.65 inch
Extension Size Load 220 Lbs
Rise Time 23 sec
Fall Time 20 Sec
Ground Clearance(Min) 1.76 Inch
Turning Radius(Min) 47 inch
Drive Wheels Size Φ230×80 MM
Caster Steering 6" no mark wheels
Maintenance Free of Battery 2 x 12V/80AH
Recharge Power Supply 110V / 60HZ
Lifting Motor 24V/0.8KW
Walking Motors 2X 24V/0.5KW
Build-in Charger 24V/15A
Machine Weight 1455 Lbs
Machine Structure Steel

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Full Electric Scissor lifted Working Platform 154" Height 660 Lbs Capacity Model ASF3-3.9

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