Product Description

Front view of Model T2-4.5

Model T2-4.5 Material lifting picker by manual move, electric lifting.

Lifting height 177 Inch ( 4.5 Meters)

Working height 236 Inch ( 6 Meters)

Load capacity 440 Lbs

Gross machine weight 460 Kgs

Front view of lifted whole machine

Lifting motor 12V / 1.6 KW

Free maintenance of Battery 12V / 120AH

Build-in Charger 12V / 15 AH

Whole machine size( folded) 1.3 x 0.84 x 1.98 Meters

One person stand view of the machine

Up to the needed height

Carry material to the destination height.

Diffent height of machine is available by book in advanced.

Application site for Warehouse

Ideal stock picking and storage solution for retail, warehousing and installation applications.

Lifting Handle Control Box

By Electric Control to Lift to the height needed

Bulid-In Battery in the storage House

It is easier and Convenit for check and maintenance.

From back View of the whole machine

With roller bearings, Chains

Full working height view 177 inch

Max Platform Height 177"

Max Machine Height  240"

Whole View of Model T2-4.5

After-sale Service

  •  To provide a lifetime goods services for all equipment, included equipment maintenance, spare parts supply, provide manuals and video, etc.
  • To provide remote service support by phone and network freely.

  • You Must Be Trained


    • You or others around you can be seriously injured  if you are not careful or don’t know how to use this vertical   lifting platform machine correctly.

    • Only trained and authorized operators are permitted to usethis machine.

    • The program also includes watching the Training Video, reviewing the Operator Manual of Responsibility, along   with hands-on training and practice on this machine.

    • You must successfully demonstrate understanding of the material presented and be able to safely operate the   machine before yourtraining is completed.


    • Don't use this machine unless you are trained and authorized.

    • Know how does this machine work,  Don't operate this machine if you have any doubts.

    • Find the Data Label on the mast. Make certain you understandall the information on it. Such as: capacities,  total     weight of  the machine etc.

    • Make sure your hands and shoes are clean and dry. Also makesure that your clothing is proper for the job.

Technical Details

TECHNICAL PARAMETER FOR MODEL T2-4.5 (The Seller reserves the amending and update right for the material and technical specifications)

Rated Load Capacity440 LBs
Max Working Height177 inch
Working Platform Size24.8" x 24.4"
Free Maintenance battery12V/120AH
Power Charger12V / 15A
Recharge Power supply110V / 60HZ
Lifting Motor12V / 1.6KW
Machine Overall Length51 inch
Machine Overall Width33 inch
Machine Overall height78 inch
Lifting time34 sec
Descent time20 sec
Machine weight992 LBS
Whole Machine size51 x33 x78 inch
Machine Frame materialSteel

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Lifting Height 177" Semi-Electrified Aerial Stock Picker, 440 lbs Load Capacity, Model T2-4.5

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