CPS Extended Warranty FAQ
Do I need an extended warranty?
If you are investing in a new product and expect it to last a few years, only you can ensure that expectation. Most manufacturers limit their warranty periods to keep their product costs competitive. It should come as no surprise that most problems occur after the manufacturer’s warranty is over. If you are like most consumers, you don't want to deal with the inevitable problems surrounding repairs. Who do you call for service? Are they reliable? Is a handyman capable of performing a long lasting, reliable repair on your equipment? How are you going to transport a large product to a service facility?
Ranked #1 Extended Warranty
CPS provides top notch warranty protection for your purchases to ensure life and longevity. This means that they care about you and your product long after your purchase has been made. This warranty offers reliable, hassle-free, comprehensive parts and labor protection for your product.
You Need to Prepare for These Issues Today
This retailer is an Authorized Consumer Priority Service Dealer. This means that they care about you and your products long after the purchase date. You can easily extend your manufacturer's warranty for a possible total of 5 years from the date of purchase.
CPS Warranties Offer Reliable Protection for Your Product
By purchasing a CPS extended plan, you’re guaranteed years of worry-free operation from your new product.
How long do I have after buying the equipment to buy the extended warranty?
Products that come with a full parts and labor warranty: You have up to 90 days before your manufacturer’s warranty expires.
Products that do not come with a full parts and labor warranty: Must be purchased at the time of sale.
Will my coverage continue after my equipment is repaired?
Yes. Your coverage will typically continue until your contract expires. Your coverage will end, however, if the equipment is replaced.
What doesn’t the standard plan cover?
This warranty does not cover any kind of damage, the cost of labor for removal or reinstallation, the cost of labor for unstacking units, and regular maintenance issues.
Can I transfer the warranty to a new user?
Yes, you can. Contact CPS by calling 1-800-905-0443, and a customer service representative will be able to help you transfer the warranty to a new owner. A $25 USD transfer fee applies.
Is there a deductible?
No, there are no deductibles.
So what's included?
CPS covers the same malfunctions as your original manufacturer's warranty with value-added features. Coverage includes but is not limited to:
  • Defects in materials and workmanship
  • Protection from dust, heat and internal humidity damage
  • Damage caused by power surges
  • On-site service if provided by the manufacturer
  • Accidental Damage (Impact/Liquid) for all items under $500.00 MSRP
How do I file a claim?
CPS warranty holders can file claims in a few ways:
Online at www.cpscentral.com
Via online chat at www.cpscentral.com
By phone US (800) 905-0443
By phone Intl 1 (347)-535-3616
By email to cs@cpscentral.com
Need help filing a CPS claim?
Please get in touch with CPS here for support: https://www.cpscentral.com/how-to-file-a-claim/
Full Terms and Conditions can be found HERE.
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