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1.Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from robust carbon steel, this 24" front hoe backhoe bucket boasts exceptional durability and strength.
2.Efficient Digging: The bucket's serrated teeth effortlessly cut through tough soil, gravel, and debris for efficient excavation tasks.
3.Hydraulic Tilt: Equipped with a hydraulic tilt mechanism, the bucket can be easily angled for precise material handling and grading.
4.Versatile Compatibility: Designed as a skid steer attachment, this bucket seamlessly integrates with various skid steer loaders.
5.Dimensions: Bucket width of 24 inches (approx. 61 cm), ideal for small to medium-sized excavation projects.
6.Specifications: Weight: 150 lbs Length: 26in, Width:24in,Height: 16in

Designed for heavy-duty excavation tasks, the Landy Attachments 24" Front Hoe Backhoe Bucket is a rugged and reliable accessory for your skid steer loader. Crafted from strong carbon steel, this bucket features reinforced teeth that can effortlessly dig into tough soil, gravel, and other materials. The hydraulic tilt mechanism allows for precise control and efficient material handling, making it ideal for landscaping, construction, and agricultural applications. With a width of 24 inches (approximately 61 cm), this bucket offers ample capacity while maintaining maneuverability. Enhance the versatility of your skid steer with this durable and high-performance attachment from Landy Attachments.

Weight 150 lb
Specifications Length: 26in, Width:24in,Height: 16in

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Attachments 24 Inch Front Hoe Backhoe Bucket, Carbon Steel Teeth, Hydraulic Tilt, Skid Steer Accessories

  • Model #: 2675-RR7TUSWV
  • Availability: In Stock
  • WARRANTY: 1 year
  • $430.00

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