Main machine of BL330E-1 metal lathe without stand. BL330E-1 is a kind of economical gear head bench lathe, perfect for schoolshobbyists and maintenance shops.

To know more about this machine, the following features also should be complemented:

1. Gears are made of alloy steel and hardened and precision ground.

2. 12 steps spindle speeds from 60 - 1800 rpm under low noise.

3. 6" self-centering 3-jaw manual chuck with reversal jaw and key.

4. Unique handle for switching longitudinal feeding and cross feeding.

6. Automatic longitudinal and cross feeding.

7. Can cut both metric and inch threads.

8. Slideways are hardened and precision ground. And to ensure the lightweight and sensitive operation, plastic-iron slide ways are also applied on the lathe. (Note: Plastic-iron slideways mean that the surfaces in contact with the slideways are pasted with a layer of special plastic, so it's the plastic contact with the iron slide ways, it will reduce the ware on the slideways.)

9. An operating lever to switch the spindle forward and reverse quickly.

10. Comes with thread chasing dial for easier thread turning

11. Compound slider with ‘T’ slots.

12. Chuck guard, tool post guard

13. Oil pan included

14. Steady rest and follow rest brace the shaft and prevent wobbling to ensure high accuracy.

15. Coolant system consists of a reservoir and pump in the base plus a hose you can point as needed.

16. Work light comes standard.

Be deploied 2 axis DRO

To read the rate of feeding or machining

accurately,2 axis or 3 axis ditial read-out

areavailable. It is deploied with 2 or 3 axis

gratingscale and display in metric/inch


1.5" Spindle Bore

1. MT5 spindle nose taper with dig diameter 1-1/2" spindlebore, all gears in headstock are hardened, tempered and ground with low noise ,the lubrication run in oil bath.

Hardened Two ‘V’ Bed

2. Rigid web casting construction, 6-1/3"  wide two ‘V’ guideway are hardened and precision ground, vibration are free operation.

Featured Carriage and Apron

3.Full featured carriage and apron 
assemblies travel smoothly on finely
finished bed, providing super accurate and finishes.

Profession Compound Assembly

4. T – slotted compound side with 4 –stations tool-post, unique andsafety

handle easy to operate longitudinal and cross feeding.

Tailstock Adjustment

5. Tailstock with V slide for lateral
adjustment, the max. travel of quill of tailstock is 3-1/3" and adjustable offset by ±5mm for taper turning, sleeve and handwheel with inch scale.

Steady & Follow Rest

6. Also includes fine-making steady rest and follow rest for assistant producing unstandard or long-thin work-piece and high accurate.

Strong Power Motor

7. Equipped big power electric motor with HP ranting: 1.1kw(1-1/2 HP)
Voltage rating: single 110 / 220V (double voltage)
Hertz: 60hz
Amperage Ranting: 14.4A/7.2A
Poles: 4

Full Metal Gear

8. All gear in gear train box are made of metal and deployed with a micro-switch for safety opening the box door. It could be changed to metric or inch size threads as required.

Master Switch

9. Master Electric-Automatic Control System for sending control instructions to appliances, such as buttons, main switch, emergences witch and so on

Power Voltage Change

Note: The prewired input voltage of BL330E is 110V, but 220V voltage is also available for this lathe. If you want to use 220V voltage to drive this lathe, you can follow the image below to change the wiring of the motor and transformer.

Parament of Traveling Volum

10. Longitudinaltravel: 0.02" / graduation; 0 – 1" / circle

Crosstravel: 0.004" / graduation; 0 – 0.16"/ circle

Tool-posttravel: 0.002" / graduation; 0 – 0.08"/ circle

Special Abrasion Resistant

11. To further operate the machine smoothly and extend the service life, a special abrasion resistant band pasted on bottom of carriage which normally used on CNC machine.

Package & Clean-up Machine

12. Machine is packed by a stronger polywood case and fastened with clips + metal band.
To wash off the anticorrosive coating on the surface of machine by gasoline or simliar non-corrosive solvent, then inject the 
lubricating oil. Lift up the machine to a flat  table and fasten it by bolts pass through the machine bed to the table.

From the Factory Professional Manufacturing

Standard accessories and tools come with the lathe are shown below:

1. Toolbox

2. Change gear

3. Multiple size wrench

4. Dead centre

5. Oilcan

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High Precision 13 X 30 IN Metal Lathe Gear-Head Lathe 1.5HP / 1100W Turning Lathe 1 Phase 110/220V With 6" Chuck 1800 RPM BL330E-1-MM

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