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1. Gear drive headstock for quick change of spindle speeds
2. Encompassed on strong cast-iron rib webbing
3. Dovetailed cross and compound sliders
4. Included a full set of change gears for metric or imperial threads cutting
5. Spindle speeds from 170 to 2000rpm
6. Automatic longitudinal feeds
7. Precision’V’ beds are hardened and ground

product dimensions & net weight

Gear Headstock

Gear driven headstock and all gear are hardened, tempered and ground with 
low noise , the lubrication run in oil bat.
* 6 steps spindle speed from 170 to 2000rpm,
* Independent and safety electric cabinet.
* 5" self-centring three jaw chuck are included,
* Safety protective cover for the chuck and 
main leadscrew equipped with a metal cover

Featured carriage and apron

Full featured carriage and apron assemblies travel smoothly on finely
finished bed, providing super accurate and finishes. 
Apron power feed and cut metric/inch thread, guideways treated by hardened and ground, 4-way toolpost swiveled 360º 

Dial scale

Longitudinal travel:  0.02"/division
Full dial scale: 0 – 1.4"
Cross travel: 0.002"/division
Full dial scale: 0 – 0.08"
Tool-post travel: 0.002"/division 
Full dial scale: 0 – 0.08"
Cutting tool size: 1/2" x 1/2"

Gear change box

All gear in gear change box is made of metal and the box deployed with a micro-switch for safety opening the box door. It will be changed to metric or inch size threads as required.

Gear Headstock (Square Style)

Gear driven headstock and all gear are hardened, tempered and ground with 

low noise, the lubrication run in oil bat. 6 steps spindle speed from 170 to 2000rpm, Independent and safety electric cabinet.

5" self-centering three jaw chuck are included, Safety protective cover for the chuck and main leadscrew equipped with a metal cover.

Side view

The square style of Gear change box looks stronger and safety. It is featured 4/5'' spindle bore, 3/4'' lead screw and a MT#2 tailstock, power feeding onto longitudinal direction. This is an awesome value and a lot of lathes for a hobby machinist.

Compact construction

Safety, reliability and convenience, follow rest and steady rest are available for selection, the two guideway are induction hardened and precision ground.

Tailstock adjustment

Tailstock with V slide for lateral adjustment, the max. travel of quill of is 2" and adjustable offset by±5mm for taper turning, sleeve and handwheel with inch scaling, also a MT2# dead center is included


Machine packaged by a strong wood case which suitable for ocean shipping and extra binding with metal strip.

Machine provide one year warrenty service after sold, also supply with no-end repairing service with limited cost after sold

Swing over bed 220mm/8.66''
Swing over carriage 122mm/4.8''
Distance between centers 520mm/20.47''
Spindle bore 20mm/0.787''
Spindle taper MT3
Steps of spindle speed 6 steps
Range of spindle 170-2000rpm
Tool post travel 60mm/2.36''
Cross travel 100mm/3.937‘’
Longitudinal travel 495mm/19.488‘’
Rand of longitudinal feeds 0.005/0.10mm/r
Metric threads 15/0.2-3.5mm
Inch threads 12/8-56tpi
MAX. travel of tailstock sleeve 50mm/1.968‘’
Taper of tailstock sleeve MT2
Motor power 750w(1hp)
Hertz 60HZ
Voltage 110/220v; single phase
Amperage rate 10.4A(110v); 5.2A(220v)

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8" X 20" Benchtop Metal Lathe Turning Machine High Precision GEAR-HEAD For Metal Household and DIY Tool LED Working Lamp

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