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Lathes - Metal Lathes, Mini Metal Lathe & Combo Lathes

7 x 12 Mini Metal LatheMetal lathes are used by many large companies to turn out top quality tools and fittings. Many buy these items, not realizing they can use a metal lathe in their own shop. Bolton Tools sells lathes according to your requirements, and we offer many to choose from. Metal lathes, mini lathes and combo lathes are a few of the products we have to offer. We produce only top of the line quality products and offer every day low wholesale prices.

Home users are learning that metal lathes can be invaluable to their projects. While we carry lathe parts and accessories as well, a mini metal lathe is perfect for the home user who likes to do projects themselves. Our small metal lathes are perfect for home use as well. Whether your needs are for high tech machine shops and industrial applications or home shop use, Bolton Tools carries a huge assortment of lathe accessories, combo lathes and mills, bench metal lathes and lathe parts. Our products are built to handle an extremely rigorous work load.

10x 15-3/4 Bench LatheMetal lathes are sophisticated tools that hold an object and spin it on a central horizontal axis. You can shape symmetrical items such as lamps and make your own creations. These tools are a must have if you have your own shop and enjoy metal working.

When using a lathe machine to produce small parts and for cutting and drilling, you will learn just how handy these devices are. Lathes free up your hands so that you can easily utilize other tools. You are sure to find exactly what you need with our large assortment of metal and mini lathes and general lathe accessories.

12 x 24 Gear Head Bench LatheOur combo lathes are the absolute best in small shop machine tools. Excellent for turning, drilling and milling small projects, our combo lathe is perfect for many different projects. At Bolton Tools, we sell many various types of lathes to meet your every need. For increased usability, be sure to check our basic combination of metal lathe/milling machine.

Metal lathes are designed for precise machining of relatively hard materials. A mini lathe is commonly used for turning, making bushings, spindles, prototypes, models and many other uses. Whether your needs are commercial or for your own home shop, you will find combo lathes and mills, machine lathes, bench metal lathes and all your lathe needs right here at the best prices available!

12 x 30 Gear-Head Bench Lathe With StandTurning shapes that are cylindrical or tapered cylinders is what a lathe is best suited for. Mini lathes are capable of doing many types of work and are often used by hobbyists who make parts for other hobbies such as microscopy and astronomy. These machines have the capabilities and precision to be used in many different ways. If you like to experiment and invent new things, lathes are perfect for making special tools and parts for various projects.

Our 7" x 12" mini metal lathe is the most economical, widely useful variable lathe. The V-way bed is hardened and precision ground, and it easily and quickly changes speeds. Our 5" x 7" mini combo lathe/mill is a versatile combination that allows you to easily adjust drill/mill head capacity. When you are in the market for metal or mini lathes, bench metal lathes, a lathe mill combo or metal lathe accessories, we've got what you need!

13 x 40 Geared Head Engine LatheWhen it comes to metal lathe accessories, we have a large assortment to suit your needs as well. Stands, drill chucks, PCS insert tool holders and face mill cutters are a few of the lathe accessories you will find here. We also carry a milling attachment which is a convenient and standard accessory for our lathes.

Bolton Tools offers you the absolute best when it comes to lathes and accessories. Our lathe accessories are priced inexpensively and are handy for a large variety of uses around your shop. Whatever your needs, we supply superior products at wholesale prices.

If you are in the market for lathe parts, a drill press lathe, combo lathes and mills or small metal lathes, we've got you covered! Bolton Tools is your one stop shop for door hardware, hinges, lathes, lathe accessories and much more. You won't get better service or prices anywhere else, guaranteed.

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